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Here is where you will find a growing list of available Private Service Providers (Respite, Personal Care, Community Aid, House Keeping…etc)

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We all need a break one in awhile to practice self care, recharge our batteries and get things done that we can’t do with our kiddos by our side.

We are working SO hard and are SO excited to be able to provide a place where available private Service providers will be listed. We are compiling a list of contacts  through Universities, therapy facilities as well as available care providers adding themselves on the list here so you can find a great fit for your family and your extraordinary little superhero!!

Children’s Disability Support Network Is Not Responsible For Any Incidences Or Interactions If You Connect With Someone On This List.

We Are Only Providing A Platform For People To Connect On. When Choosing A Care Provider Please Do Your Due Diligence Before Meeting Or Hiring. CDSNetwork Does Not Screen Any Of The Providers Listed Here In Any Way. Please read our post on screening a caregiver before contacting listings. If You Would Like To Get More Information On How To Screen Or What To Look For In A Privately Hired Individual Please contact us and we will be happy to share some resources with you. 

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Family Support for Children with Disabilities typically provides Respite/Personal Care in your agreement (if you are unaware of FSCD and you have a child with a disability please look into this government organization that provides funding support for families who qualify. They help financially with out of pocket costs that are required to care for a child with adapted needs including Respite and Personal Care services.

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If you would like us to add your profile to the list Please fill out the form that applies to you if you would like to be added on our “Families Looking for Service Providers” or “Private Caregivers Available to provide Services” list.

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Only Members on the site will be able to see the Private Pages and we will not be displaying any addresses, phone numbers or other private information. All families and providers will be members on the site so you will be able to connect with them through the private messaging option.

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