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How Many Wheels on a Wheel Chair?

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How many wheels on a wheelchair??

Ok so would you believe me if I told you my daughter went to school with only ONE of her propelling wheels (you know the big one on the side) without her caregiver, father or her bus driver realizing??

Not only did they not “notice” I actually told hubby to go out and make sure the wheel was put back on the chair because I popped it off when I was fixing my daughters seatbelt that was loose the night before and I don’t think I ended up putting it back on.

Sooooo he goes out to the driveway before she got loaded on the bus (IN HER WHEELCHAIR) and they’re all looking at the chair and looking at the back stabilizing wheels and the front small caster wheels (I saw this on our security cameras when I looked back at the footage lol) and then she was loaded onto the bus and away they go.

Hubby comes back in telling me everything was fine and all her wheels were on!

Ok great (insert sigh of relief) all is well in the world! Then the phone rings 20mins later and it’s my daughters teacher.

“Hello, would you mind bringing your daughters other wheel to the school please….there only seems to be one on her chair today”


I was so mind blown that 3 very capable and intelligent adults did not notice the huge missing wheel??!!?

Then it hit me- I had a huge AHA MOMENT!! This is exactly what they mean when they say focus on the positives/ law of attraction/ your perception is your reality.

When you’re practicing that way of thinking, and your focus on the positive things it doesn’t change that there might be obstacles and challenges in your life or terrible things happening in the world but It does change how you look at your own situation. It comes down to, what you focus on is what you see. I think this happens almost unconsciously depending what you’re focusing on. When people are in a negative space then that’s all they see!! Notice how some people are like “ahhh man not again, can I ever catch a break, this sh*# always happens to me…etc” well that’s because their focus is on the negative and they’re not seeing the positives that are right in-front and all around them. LIKE THE WHEEL!!! They were all so focused on the back stabilizing wheels that seemed to be dragging a bit and where the problem seemed to be when pushing the chair that they didn’t even notice the HUGE MAIN WHEEL was missing. How powerful is that?? It really made me think twice about my state of mind and how important it is to focus on all the wonderful things around me because that ends up attracting more wonderful blessing around me. It doesn’t change that bad/hard things may happen but it defiantly changes how you perceive them and inevitably how you end ip reacting to those events or situations.

Long story short, it’s easy to completely miss things that are right in your face – don’t let the positive blessings in your life be what you’re missing!! Instead let’s miss the negative stuff – defiantly way more worth missing!!

#onewheelchair #focusonwhatyouwantmoreof #itseasytomisswhatsrightinfrontofyou

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