I Can Play 2 Adapted Play & Sensory Centre

Our Passion Project




  • An INDOOR children’s Play Park with both typical play equipment along with equipment that is accessible for wheelchairs, walkers and supported equipment for those children that may need extra physical support.
  • A play centre where not only children with special needs can play, learn and grow in an adapted safe environment but where their siblings and friends can also join them in a “typical” play environmental
  • A drop-in Parent Lead play centre accessible to the general public with focus on children with various needs
  • A Place to Celebrate: Birthday Party Packages to cater to your wants and needs.
  • A safe, inclusive, adapted and supervised play place where children can have fun and enjoy themselves. I Can Play 2 will offer qualified staff with backgrounds in special needs and a passion to be a part of our vision.
  • I Can Play 2 will be adapted for various needs and welcomes all children with all abilities, their families and caregivers.
  • We believe that children’s disabilities do not exceed their abilities and strive to create a safe accessible place for any child to play and explore their environment through their senses.


  • To ensure that when you and the children leave our centre you feel better than when you came in!
  • To strive for excellence in customer service. We are here for YOU.
  • To help all children excel. We understand what is needed to help our own children excel and want to share our knowledge.
  • To encourage Play because it is exceptionally important for all children. Through play, children learn about themselves and the world around them and children gain the confidence to develop essential skills. Play helps children learn where and how they fit in.
  • To provide a staff that is hand-selected, trained and has personal experience with children with all abilities.
  • W E B E L I E V E that NO child should ever feel left out. That’s why it is our MISSION to create a space where instead of “fitting in” I Can Play 2 will FIT YOU just the way you are!

We Believe

We believe that compassionate adults are made. They were children who were taught compassion through exposure. This trait can not be learned in a book; only through meaningful interactions and knowledge will the future generations realize that there are more similarities than differences shared between us all. We all have the same needs: food, shelter, clothing, education, love, acceptance, and acknowledgement are some. Children with different abilities really do not have ”special“ needs at all — they are really the same needs as everybody else. Some individuals may need to adapt certain things to meet their needs. Just because they do things differently does not mean they cannot do it. Children that are exposed to other children that are differently abled can take this understanding and compassion throughout their lives, and apply it in their daily thoughts and actions going forward. Ideally, accessibility and inclusion will not be overlooked through the eyes of the adult with the inclusive exposure, because they understand that we are all are so perfectly different and yet so similar. This will perhaps make the gaps and cracks in our system much tighter, pertaining to persons with disabilities.
We feel strongly that it should not be considered a “luxury” for some children to be able to learn, explore and PLAY in their community… it is their RIGHT to say
“I CAN PLAY 2”!!!

It's a human right to be part of communities and to be engaged