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Candice Janzen


Not until you hear the deafening silence of your baby not breathing do you appreciate the sweet sound of their precious cry!!


Candice is a Mom to Kalaya who has "exceptional Abilities" and because  of that has passionately dedicated her life to creating, gathering and improving resources to help others like her daughter and their amazing caregivers.

In 2012, after a near Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) episode when Kalaya was 8 weeks old, Candice knew her life would change drastically. Due to the lack of oxygen to Kalaya's brain, she was diagnosed with both Cerebral Palsy and Cortical Visual Impairment. Since then Candice has been advocating for and working with Kalaya full time. She has accessed occupational, physical, vision and speech therapists and has implemented their strategies in Kalaya’s therapy and recovery through play in her everyday routines.  After talking to other parents and caregivers to children with disabilities Candice realized that she was not alone in the  struggle to find resources and support. It's hard to find things that you don't know are available sometimes because you don't know what you're looking for. Candice decided to fill some of the gaps that most families are struggling with. She is passionate about creating this HUB to support all families caring for children with adapted needs in whatever way they need support. She is also passionate about creating "I Can Play 2" an inclusive and adapted indoor play park for children with all abilities!!

Nicole Neiberding

Nicole Nieberding is a Physiotherapy and Masters of Business Administration graduate from the University of Alberta. Nicole works as a paediatric physical therapist at Summerside Children's and Sports Physiotherapy where she provides one on one specialized physical therapy services for children of all ages - newborn into adulthood - with various neurological, genetic, and musculoskeletal conditions.. Nicole's passion for the profession started in high school when she worked with the athletic teams and grew grew when she began working with children with disabilities. Nicole spent 3 years working with a special needs cheer team and worked with families who had children needing special care throughout her 8 years of University.

Wonita Janzen

Wonita is part of the Janzen family supporting Candice and Kalaya as they navigate life with special needs. As a mother of three adult children, she understands the challenges of parenting from infancy to adulthood. With a background in Rehabilitation Medicine and Family Studies, she is knowledgeable about disability, development, family caregiving and parenting. She is passionate about teaching and creating opportunities for others to learn, including peer-to-peer sharing of ideas. She lends her skills as a project manager and researcher to achieving the goals of CDSN.

Adrianna Cambridge

Adrianna Cambridge has over ten years of childcare experience, which has inspired her professional motivations of empowering and supporting children, youth, and families. Adrianna is a University of Toronto Occupational Therapy student who nows wants to apply her expertise with individuals of all ages. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Child and Youth Care from MacEwan University, which impacts her use of a strength-based approach in the practise of occupational therapy. Adrianna’s passion to pursue the profession of occupational therapy began when her sister was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and cortical visual impairment when she was two months old. Working with her sister and other children with special needs highlighted the joy of being a vital contributor in the growth and development of others.

Susan Janzen

Susan Janzen, B.Ed.  has a vast career as a Professional Singer and Recording artist, a Special Education Teacher,  certified to teach world-renowned transformational teacher and happiness expert Marci Shimoff’s “Happy for No Reason©” program and a Realtor® specializing in barrier free, accessible homes. She has a passion for being of service and to help bring an awareness and information to all the stakeholders.  As the Host of R.I.S.E. and Shine with Sue at the HUB Cafe, she combines her passion, her knowledge, and her experience to raise a greater awareness of what it means to be a parent of a special needs child and what resources are available. Tune in as she has real conversations with real people about diverse topics that really matter.   Her guests will be heads of agencies and organizations, specialists and parents of children with “exceptional abilities.” R.I.S.E. and Shine with Sue at the HUB Cafe is a place where you can hear conversations that openly discuss accessibility, inclusion, and that will bring awareness to topics that are important for the growth and development of our children and supports to their families and caregivers. 

Maria Bartoli

CDS Network Consultants

Chris Janzen

M. Ed., R. Psych. Psychologist

In this group you will be able to ask Chris questions and also freely discuss topics related to psychology... behaviors, milestones, emotional regulation and much more with other group members. 

From a very early age I knew I wanted to be a "helper". Though earning a teaching degree was rewarding in itself, it was in the relationships developed with students and their families where I knew I wanted to focus my career. Unfortunately, there is not enough time in a day to meet the needs of a whole class full of students, so I went on to pursue further education and experience in psychology. Since graduating and subsequently becoming a registered psychologist, I have primarily focused on supporting parents, caregivers, and teachers in order to meet the needs of their children and students. Through assessment, education, consultation and collaboration, I have been able to support many families, classrooms and schools with the goal of understanding needs and building plans to encourage healthy growth, of not only children and students, but also those with the challenging job of raising them.  

Nicole Neiberding

Nicole Neiberding


In this group we will talk about different strategies, challenges, exercises, tips, resources, and anything else you want to dive into regarding functional mobility and Physical Therapy. Feel free to ask Nicole and other group members questions you need help with or share information that you found useful and might benefit the group.


Shannon Camarta


This Group will be about anything and everything nutrition related. Need suggestions on what foods help with different areas in the brain and body, Fed up with your kiddos only eating a few specific foods and that’s it, need some fun healthy recipes that kids will love….then you’re in the right group. Shannon will share some of her favorite recipes and give her suggestions on nutrition issues you might be having with your little one. This is a perfect group for all members to share tips and tricks that worked for them, recipes and other nutrition related info that might benefit the group.

Shannon was a personal care provider for children with disabilities while attending University. She received her BA Degree in
Psychology in 2018 and was always interested in how nutrition plays a part in brain function and development.  This lead her to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. This is where Shannon found a passion in the holistic approach to health, wellness and nutrition. Shannon has helped many people with her holistic approach to nutritional coaching. With her experience caring for children with disabilities, background in Psychology, certifications in nutrition, reiki and other areas, she feels that the combination has been beneficial helping her create custom plans and programs for families and individuals looking for different options with their health, wellness and nutrition. 

Shannon is excited to have the opportunity to join  CDSNetwork to offer information and support to families in this area.

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Candice would like to share her story