FIRST and BEST online hub for parents and caregivers of children with disabilities

FIRST and BEST online hub for parents and caregivers of children with disabilities

PLAY DATES?? What's that??


As a mom with a child who is pretty much completely dependent I’ve accepted the fact that ”play dates“ are NOT and HAVE NEVER been apart of our life, let alone any type of routine. 

With having my daughter with adapted needs first, I didn’t ever experience that part of parenthood nor did I understand the concept…. Like how on earth are you supposed to let your kiddos ”play” together while you sit with another parent and chat over a latte??? Ummmm impossible to do in my situation and to be honest I really couldn’t even picture that scenario in real life.  However, Now having a ”typical” child I totally get it!! (Insert mind blown emoji) 

 I feel that to have a successful play date you need to bond and connect over relatable things (which I really don’t feel like I can do with most parents who don’t have any children with disabilities) but I still feel like I kinda got gypped in that “typical” relationship building situation. 

 It seemed like any time I met another parent who I felt I could relate to or who could understand my life to a certain degree, was in a waiting room at a rehabilitation hospital or in a special parents group where we were attending a information session regarding a certain diagnosis and then I never saw them again. Not having much exposure to other parents in social settings made it that much more difficult to even think about approaching them and exchanging contact information.

I’m not sure if this is just my experience or if others have felt this way? It’s one reason why I think I have felt a little more alone on this journey raising my daughter and I don’t think it really has to be that way. 

I’ve come to realize that our ”play dates” just have to be adapted, like the rest of our lives- and that’s ok. I am excited to be in a community now with other parents and caregivers where it’s not just a brief encounter and feel awkward trying to harass them for their personal information before never seeing them again lol. 

 It’s exciting to know I can meet and make new friends and have some play dates of my own. Might even be sipping a coffee (with or without Baileys) over zoom while my daughter is with her caregiver….and that’s OK!! I’ve realized that there are too many boxes that people feel like they need to fit in and how things should look or be. My daughter doesn’t fit in a box, I don’t fit in a box and my situation doesn’t fit in a box….and that’s ok!! I’m going to make my own box- actually I’m getting out of any box and just going to do what works for me and my situation, even if it looks a little different (I’ll just add a fancy bow on it)!! 

I love my CDSNetwork community and I can’t wait for it to grow and allow families to connect on whatever level they need to not feel so alone!! 

 #AccessibilityisthekeytoAbility #Notallplaydateslookthesame…

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